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Taller I is prepared for children from 6 to 9 years old. They explore knowledge starting from the vast universe and going towards their closer surroundings making use of team work favoring social and moral development.

During this period, the reasoning mind is receptive to culture learning, awakening the interest for finding an understanding and a sense of the world, therefore this environment promotes research, exploration and experimentation along with other classmates. Learning is interdisciplinary, contemplating the following areas of study: mathematics, language, botany, geography, geometry, history and zoology.

The maximum capacity for this environment is 30 children guided by two adults: a Montessori guide specialized on this education level as well as an assistant. It is a bilingual environment; English will be learned naturally through their interaction with their guide.

Children from 6 to 9
years old

Promotes research, exploration and experimentation

Bilingual environment, English is absorbed naturally

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Montessori Internacional


We are a small community, where not only the boy or the girl who comes to our environments is important, in Mi Lantana the whole family is very important.

Montessori Internacional