Lantana is an education center whose mission is to accompany the human being from the beginning of his life fostering an integral development based on the principles and values of the Montessori philosophy.

Who are we?

To have a positive impact on the evolution of humanity

Our goal is to be that peaceful and safe environment where children can grow physically, intellectually and spiritually, guided by an adult that respects them and acknowledges their true needs and where parents can feel accompanied living the values of a true community integrated by other parents, guides and children.

A space where our children can find the resources required for self-construction responding to the ever-changing, demanding and fast paced needs of our current reality. 

Our Head of School has over 20 years of experience in education. She has received certifications by Centro Internacional Montessori in Perugia Italy, and by The Montessori Institute of San Diego in La Jolla, California, United States of America. Both certifications are endorsed by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). She has experience working for several educational institutions in the United States, Italy and Mexico.



Offer the right accompaniment to parents who are looking for their children to develop in a peaceful, free, and respectful environment. Be that prepared environment in which the children can establish the basis of their own personality living the values of a true community integrated by the school guides, classmates, and families, guiding them with Montessori method principles and philosophy.



Offer a comprehensive education system based on the guidelines established by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) allowing the children to develop their inner potential, becoming human beings committed with their peers and their environment creating a positive impact on society.

Why Montessori?

More than a teaching method, the Montessori methodology is a way of life respecting the natural processes of human development, addressing all human needs since the beginning of life allows for this methodology to remain current at all times. 

We accompany the child in his learning process through experiences that will allow him to be prepared for life. In our active education process the child is not the spectator perfecting his senses on his journey to self-construction through the interaction with his environment. 



During our Nido period, we encourage the autonomy and independence of our infants from the beginning of life, promoting a healthy and happy development.

Toddler House - Comunidad Infantil

This environment is designed for toddlers from 14 / 16 months old to 3 years old, promoting a daily practice of community values developing important social skills.

Children´s House - Casa de Niños

Children can develop their independence through activities to take care of the environment as well as personal self-care, helping strengthen their self-esteem.

Elementary School - Taller

In our elementary environment students are able to explore knowledge starting from the vast universe and going towards their closer surroundings making use of team work favoring social and moral development.


Easter Camp

Montessori Internacional


We are a small community, where not only the boy or the girl who comes to our environments is important, in Mi Lantana the whole family is very important.