Toddler House – Comunidad Infantil

This prepared environment is designed for toddlers from 14/16 months old to 3 years old.

In this space we promote independence allowing our toddlers to live experiences that foster their self-esteem.

In our Toddler House children develop their full potential, growing happily in a peaceful, harmonious environment and in contact with nature.

This environment is guided by one Montessori guide, one English teacher and a third adult who can provide assistance throughout the day.

Children from 14 months old to 3 years

Promotes independence allowing them to have their own experiences

Develop their full potential growing happily in a peaceful environment

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Montessori Internacional


We are a small community, where not only the boy or the girl who comes to our environments is important, in Mi Lantana the whole family is very important.

Montessori Internacional